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Our documentary filming has been completed

We are now in the post production phase of the film, and we have completed all of the filming for the documentary. The only elements remaining are the miniatures, which are going to take quite a while to complete.  

Stay tuned for ongoing information about the Windsor Hum!

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The never ending circle of Zug…

It appears that the Windsor Hum story has revolved all the way back around to where it was two years ago.  The study that was just done and completed (Jan 2014) was suppose to ‘pinpoint’ the hum.  That was the whole reason for the last study.  

I would question the government(s).  Why even do the study if you can’t get access to the island?  It’s obvious to me this is the biggest hold up in determining the true source.  There will be more speculations, and theories I am sure.

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This was an off chance happening - an ice cream truck in Delray park next to Zug.  C’mon kids…c’mon on down to Zug and get your ice cream.

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We came across the sound of the ‘Windsor Hum’ in full force one June morning in Lasalle.  Karen lives about 3.5 miles from Zug Island, in a beautiful picturesque neighbourhood.  How can anyone enjoy their life when they have to listen to this? 

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Zug Island Hum - February 5, 1959 

I am re-posting this article I found while investing the current hum. In 1959 the steel mill identified a ‘hum’, and they fixed it for the residents of Windsor. In 2014 it’s a totally different story.  It’s been over four years, one assessment by Earth Quakes Canada, one test from NRCAN, and another test by acoustic engineers — and they still can’t pinpoint the hum!  It’s evidently clear that the problem is based on something else all together. 

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Press Conference Windsor Hum

The Windsor Hum report was released today, but was considered inconclusive.  Where do we go from here? 

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Zug Island is back up and running


Sunday May 18 - 2014 

Residents of Windsor were bombarded by the low frequency hum today. This directly correlates to the re-start of Zug Island (from it’s hiatus in March).

Although, since the shutdown of Zug the hum was still present during that time as well.  This suggests that the hum is caused by multiple sources, or it’s caused by something that has never shut down and runs 24/7.

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Finally, John Babcock (the Foreign Affairs spokesperson) has said this on May 8th, 2014:

Hi Adam, 

The release has been a moving target, pardon my delay in getting back to you. I understand there may be something planned for the end of the month. I will send you any info once it is available. 


Ok that was great that he finally got back to me after several months. But why exactly is the final report a ‘moving target’ ? It is a finished, handed in report. Maybe the hum suffering people of Windsor need a ‘drone’ to take the report down.  I am not sure what this means.  If anyone knows please get a hold of me.  Thanks 

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Zug Island is shut down


I should say the island has been shut down ever since the accident in Ecorse, MI. The ‘shutdown’ could be considered a partial shutdown, and the furnaces may still be running.  Although I hear that they are not producing steel …

In light of the shutdown, people are still hearing THE HUM in Windsor and the associated noises that go along with the hum.  I keep going back to this…but 4 years ago no one heard any noises.  Now they hear an array of noises coming over from the other side.  

There is still no word on when the final scientific report will be released (this is the second study the government did to determine the source of the hum).  It was done, and handed in to the government in January 2014. This delayed release makes me wonder why they won’t release it or even give a timeline as to when this will happen. 

I have been trying to find the answer/the report release date since March 2014.  I have e-mailed the media relations people in Foreign Affairs, and so far no one has got back to me…

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The Windsor Hum Status April 2014 

The Windsor Hum’s location has not yet been determined (by April 2014). The Canadian Federal Government has had the final scientific report since January 2014, but they are supposedly not releasing the report until July 2014.  I don’t understand why it would take that long to release a finished report.  I’ve tried to contact the government on this matter and there is still no reply…

A turn of events:

Many people suspect that US Steel is/was making the noise, but USS has been shutdown on Zug Island (or it was put in an idle state) since a roof collapse happened at their Ecorse, MI facility in March.  Yet..people in Windsor and Lasalle are STILL hearing noises!! so what does that say? If it’s not Zug who is it? 

A short chronology of USS problems within the last few months: 

1) ECORSE, Mich. (WJBK) - December 2013
An explosion Sunday at a steel plant in Ecorse killed one worker and injured two others. The accident happened overnight at U.S. Steel Great Lakes Works.  

2) ECORSE, Mich. (WJBK) - A giant pipe has collapsed the roof of a building in Ecorse. - March 2014

3) U.S. Steel idled half of its domestic capacity after a fatal accident at an Ecorse plant and unusually icy conditions on Lake Michigan delayed raw-material shipments to another facility - April 2014

Read more:

Hums, and other noises are still being heard full force.  Is it Zug?  Is it a combination of Zug, and something else?  Do all the frequencies collide creating a orchestra of noise? …is it something else altogether? Why is everything louder than it was before?

This documentary has been looking into all of these questions, and carefully examining and investigating the variables.   The report may or may not clear up some of this confusion, but it’s important to see what it says. 

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Windsor Hum Final Report Test #2 


The Windsor Hum started around March 2011, and since that time there have been two studies to determine where it was coming from.  The first study was carried out by NRCAN (Natural Resources Canada) in August 2011. The NRCAN study determined that the source of the noise was coming from in-and-around Zug Island. Yet, the first study could not pinpoint an exact source, so a second study was needed.  Time went by and nothing was being done.  The hum continued to ‘pound’ the residents of Windsor and Lasalle, and people were still being affected. Eventually the government came up with a second test (what would be called a more accurate test) on January 2013. The second test was due in January 2014, and it is now March 2014.  

[amended blog post March 13-2014] I originally heard that the report was lost, or did not have a name. New Info that just came in: The report is not ‘lost’ but is active and accounted for in the Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Although there was a recent cabinet shuffle, the report is with the OFFICE of the MFAIT and not with any one particular individual. Although Bob Dechert (who was representing the MFAIT) is no longer serving is his former capacity, the report is very much alive and is being actively pursued by the Office of MFAIT.

The picture above from left to right: Dr. Peter Brown (Meteor Physics Group University of Western), Dr. Colin Novak (Acoustical Engineer University of Windsor) Bob Dechert (former secretary to John Baird in Foreign Affairs) Jeff Watson (local MP Essex). 


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This is a miniature set for the documentary.  We animated figurines for the purpose of re-enactments.  

This is a miniature set for the documentary.  We animated figurines for the purpose of re-enactments.  

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#steel, #news, #zug, #documentary 

#steel, #news, #zug, #documentary 

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