The Windsor Hum Status April 2014 

The Windsor Hum’s location has not yet been determined (by April 2014). The Canadian Federal Government has had the final scientific report since January 2014, but they are supposedly not releasing the report until July 2014.  I don’t understand why it would take that long to release a finished report.  I’ve tried to contact the government on this matter and there is still no reply…

A turn of events:

Many people suspect that US Steel is/was making the noise, but USS has been shutdown on Zug Island (or it was put in an idle state) since a roof collapse happened at their Ecorse, MI facility in March.  Yet..people in Windsor and Lasalle are STILL hearing noises!! so what does that say? If it’s not Zug who is it? 

A short chronology of USS problems within the last few months: 

1) ECORSE, Mich. (WJBK) - December 2013
An explosion Sunday at a steel plant in Ecorse killed one worker and injured two others. The accident happened overnight at U.S. Steel Great Lakes Works.  

2) ECORSE, Mich. (WJBK) - A giant pipe has collapsed the roof of a building in Ecorse. - March 2014

3) U.S. Steel idled half of its domestic capacity after a fatal accident at an Ecorse plant and unusually icy conditions on Lake Michigan delayed raw-material shipments to another facility - April 2014


Read more: http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/story/24227029/explosion-kills-steel-worker-injures-two-others#ixzz2yJSHiqkp

Hums, and other noises are still being heard full force.  Is it Zug?  Is it a combination of Zug, and something else?  Do all the frequencies collide creating a orchestra of noise? …is it something else altogether? Why is everything louder than it was before?

This documentary has been looking into all of these questions, and carefully examining and investigating the variables.   The report may or may not clear up some of this confusion, but it’s important to see what it says. 

Windsor Hum Final Report Test #2 


The Windsor Hum started around March 2011, and since that time there have been two studies to determine where it was coming from.  The first study was carried out by NRCAN (Natural Resources Canada) in August 2011. The NRCAN study determined that the source of the noise was coming from in-and-around Zug Island. Yet, the first study could not pinpoint an exact source, so a second study was needed.  Time went by and nothing was being done.  The hum continued to ‘pound’ the residents of Windsor and Lasalle, and people were still being affected. Eventually the government came up with a second test (what would be called a more accurate test) on January 2013. The second test was due in January 2014, and it is now March 2014.  

[amended blog post March 13-2014] I originally heard that the report was lost, or did not have a name. New Info that just came in: The report is not “lost” but is active and accounted for in the Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Although there was a recent cabinet shuffle, the report is with the OFFICE of the MFAIT and not one particular individual. Although Bob Dechert (who was representing the MFAIT) is no longer serving is his former capacity, the report is very much alive and is being actively pursued by the Office of MFAIT.

The picture above from left to right: Dr. Peter Brown (Meteor Physics Group University of Western), Dr. Colin Novak (Acoustical Engineer University of Windsor) Bob Dechert (former secretary to John Baird in Foreign Affairs).  

The miniature building has started.  What does that mean?  It means that my apartment will be messy, and that I will have to watch what I am drinking and eating to make sure it’s not glue or something like that.  Re: my kitchen is also my studio. Why?  I can’t afford a real studio, but then again even if I could I would not want to travel to and from a studio because I hate commuting.  The miniatures will help tell the story of the hum, through re-enactments and other events. 

The miniatures have been started, and I have managed to get the small forge working.  Here is a molten metal test.  It melts at a very low heat level, so it’s not too hot.  With the right combination of metals I think it’s going to work out. 

Take a look at what low frequency does to a stream of water.  Now imagine what extremely powerful low frequency waves do to our bodies that are made up of 70% water.

Have you heard the hum for yourself yet? from Anonymous

Yes I have, and yes it is still there…but the SPL is different

In the early days ponds would ripple from the force of the hum.  This particular location is located nearly 15 km from Zug Island.  Can the Zug Island hum reach this far as an airborne excitation?  Or is this another type of phenomenon unrelated to the hum? This is something we need to look into.  

The resident that originally posted this video claimed that they noticed a direct relation between hearing the sound and then seeing the pond vibrate.  They were able to catch it on camera while it was happening. What could this be?

This was an off chance happening - an ice cream truck in Delray park next to Zug.  C’mon kids…c’mon on down to Zug and get your ice cream.

New Interview

Today I conducted an interview with Professor Ramani Ramakrishnan from Ryerson University who is an acoustical engineer specializing in acoustical modelling, noise control, architectural acoustics, adn aero-acoustics

New proprietary equipment for the study of the hum.  Here is the start of a custom made system where I will be able to measure the ‘Windsor Hum’ more accurately. Much more to come New proprietary equipment for the study of the hum.  Here is the start of a custom made system where I will be able to measure the ‘Windsor Hum’ more accurately. Much more to come New proprietary equipment for the study of the hum.  Here is the start of a custom made system where I will be able to measure the ‘Windsor Hum’ more accurately. Much more to come 

New proprietary equipment for the study of the hum.  Here is the start of a custom made system where I will be able to measure the ‘Windsor Hum’ more accurately. Much more to come 

Recent e-mails

I have recently had a few e-mails from ‘supposed’ workers of Zug Island who are very concerned with the focus of the documentary…They don’t don’t like the idea of the story being the ‘big bad USS’ story.  They are concerned for the USS company..must be a great place to work.  I respect the loyalty, but there are several businesses on the island other than USS.  In the future we may have evidence to show that Zug Island is not the source of the hum…. These ‘supposed’ workers don’t like the idea of HAARP, or any military mention either (which I have never mentioned to my knowledge) so where would that conclusion come from anyway? Most of what I have been doing is under wraps, as I continue the investigation. I am looking at the scientific evidence we have in hand, and I am doing my own journalistic investigation as well.  I have no evidence of military presence on Zug Island, or any evidence of HAARP (or anything like that). I am still open to any workers from Zug Island to speak up on camera, and do interviews with me.  I can hide your identities, and disguise your voices.  I have also been trying to get a hold of officials at USS for 6 months or more…they are very unresponsive.  

We came across the sound of the ‘Windsor Hum’ in full force one June morning in Lasalle.  Karen lives about 3.5 miles from Zug Island, in a beautiful picturesque neighbourhood.  How can anyone enjoy their life when they have to listen to this?